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How would you like almost $8000 the first month you ever tried to make money online? If you'd never managed to pull in a single penny online and you suddenly saw $8K in your account… how would that feel? Pretty good, right? Well... it can happen for you today…

And it gets even better because...

Mark, I've seen enough already...let me at it!

 Mark Stanfield
Date: December 13, 2010
Location: Undisclosed super affiliate hideout, somewhere in the US...

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Brace yourself...

Because your jaw is about to drop through the floor.

In fact -- your entire life is about to change. For good.

And yeah, I know you hear these wild claims all the time. You probably feel jaded... cynical even.

But in just a second I'm gonna hit you with cold, hard evidence that will knock you off your seat.

And when you come round, you'll feel a sudden jolt of adrenalin because you'll know... for the first time... a six-figure income is within your reach.

You'll say "bye" to all the useless products, crappy eBooks and junk software that have been shoved down your throat.

Because today, everything changes for you.

And what I'm about to unleash will give you the stunning realization that...

"Anybody... Absolutely ANYBODY 
Can Make Money Online..."

You don't need any qualifications... you don't need to be a technical whizz-kid... you don't need a wheelbarrow of cash to invest.

Even if you've just walked in off the street and sat down in front of a computer for the first time in your life...

... you have everything you need to begin making money in MINUTES from now.

If you can check your emails you can make money online.

Heck... if you can brush your teeth or get dressed in the morning you can make money online.

When it comes down to it...

...making money online is as simple as RIDING A BIKE!

And I know you're struggling to accept that right now.

You've been burned before and I get it, I really do.

Sucked in by one too many schemes from shady marketers who don't care what lies they tell to pull cash out of your wallet... you're sick and tired of it all.

And who can blame you?

I know what that's like. I know what that FEELS like and let me tell you... it's not your fault.

You see, I spent my early twenties living in my parents' basement jumping from one job to another.

Factories... office work... manual labor... I've done it all.

When I finally rented my first damp-ridden apartment I was excited about my freedom... but still had to clock in each day at my factory job.

And that's no fun. In fact, it's kinda depressing.

"But One Lonely Night In Front Of 
The Computer... Everything Changed..."

Like most people looking for an alternative to their day jobs, I spent hours in front of the PC each night after work.

I wasn't playing games or shopping... I was looking for a way out. 

A way out of my job...
A way out of my wretched apartment...
A way out of my LIFE!

So every evening I'd hunt around Google, sign up for money-making offers and buy into every opportunity that came my way.

Some nights I wouldn't even sleep, just stare at the computer screen looking for something to give me hope. I was getting desperate. I mean... I kept reading stories of all these people making a fat, residual income from home and got to thinking...

"Where's my piece of the pie?"

Do you ever feel like that?

I used to wonder... how come all these stay-at-home mom's and lazy guys are telling me they've found "the secret" when I'm doomed to scrape pennies together at the end of each month just to pay the rent?

Then one cold Sunday evening... it hit me.

I felt like I'd been struck by lightning. My heart raced and I felt suddenly energized.

Staring me straight in the face was the opportunity I'd been waiting for all my life.

The answer to my money troubles... everything I'd been hoping for. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of absolute certainty this could work for me.

Now there was fire in my belly, so I got busy...

Every night I'd arrive home with bundles of energy and excitement. Adrenalin rushing through my veins as I pieced the puzzle together until...

It happened.

That first FAT commission appeared in my Clickbank account.

I was so happy I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

But I'd done it.

And now all that was left to do was replicate those simple steps again and again.

But even that couldn't prepare me for what happened in the weeks and months that followed...

Once the money started to flow it quickly gathered speed and momentum.

Like a snowball getting bigger and bigger as it rolls down a mountain-side, cash hit my account in larger and larger piles.

When gigantic stacks of cash fill up your Clickbank account to bursting, it's a beautiful thing.

And it got me to thinking... what if I could put together a "look-over-my-shoulder" website to reveal this entire process step by step.

A top secret website back office that  anybody could follow along with to get the same outstanding results as me.

Because back when I was struggling in my filthy apartment, going crazy looking for a way out of my job...

...I would have killed for a totally UNCUT blueprint to making serious money online.

And I don't mean vague theory or un-tested fluff. I'm talking hardcore FACTS laid out in a sequence you can just follow.

Kinda like "step 1 do this... step 2 now do this..."

Something you can just replicate to see the exact same results.

So that's what I did. 

If you've struggled so far to make a single penny on the internet...

If it's getting you down to the point where you feel like throwing in the towel...

Drop everything  and feast your eyes on this never-before-revealed tactic…

Even if you just join and do nothing else you will get paid on autopilot with escalating effect…

You've Never Seen Anything Like It!  
"The Escalating Effect"
Can Catapult You 
From Zero To
Six-Figures In No Time Flat…

Just minutes after reading this page you could see the money start to roll in.

How cool is that?

The beauty of making money online -- at least the way I do it -- is you simply send visitors to certain types of web pages and then you make money. That's it.

It's not complicated and it's not hard but so many people manage to mess the whole thing up. I know because that's what I did for such a long time...

I was the screw-up king!

But now you've no need to worry or stress or feel lost.

You can't go wrong or head off in a wrong direction because you can just copy me in this website...

And then you're guaranteed the EXACT SAME mouthwatering results I get.
You'll be able to... 


Transform simple web pages into autopilot money machines that pour cash into your account day after day whether you choose to "work" or not...


Activate the little-known "escalating method" that doubles your income month after month. And you don't need to be a technical whizz-kid to roll this out today... 


Discover magic words that sell and sprinkle them over any marketing campaign to turn it into a cash-raking juggernaut...


Blaze into any niche and almost instantly dominate. Armed with My Affiliate Cash Generator strategies your competition will run for cover... 


Lazer in on red-hot, cash-rich markets with almost zero competition and suck out all the profit with ease...


Put Clickbank into a vice grip and SQUEEZE money from it... 


Get started in minutes from now with the My Affiliate Cash Generator fool-proof "cheat sheet" to your first profit-pulling website... 

Listen, if you've never made any money online -- and you've been busting your a*s to make it happen --My Affiliate Cash Generator is about to change everything for you.

This ultimate money-pulling system uses all the cutting-edge techniques I've discovered to quickly build up a PASSIVE income of around $120,000.00 per month.

And I'll say it again... this money is PASSIVE.

I have plenty of strings to my bow, other parts of my business that require time and effort ... but the My Affiliate Cash Generator system brings in six-figures each and every month on total autopilot for members.

There's minimal cost to get started like any reputable business and everything can be set-up in hours.

The strategy is in precise detail and ready for you to do it for yourself passing the hard work on your end.

It's simple. It's fast. It's easy.

Because like I always say, making money online isn't difficult. In fact...

Picture this...

You kick back and watch the 'hush-hush' My Affiliate Cash Generator system work for you right now.

A few hours later you've got your first rabid money-sucker up and running.

Visitors are flocking to your site... clicking on your links... and shoveling money into your accounts.

Sounds crazy, almost unbelievable, right?

Well it's far from crazy.

With what I know now, I EXPECT you to be stuffing your pockets with cash on the very first day you use the My Affiliate Cash Generator formula.

It's that simple. And it's that powerful.

The truth is, you've been fed junk before and you only THINK making money is hard.

I'm going to turn your whole world upside down. You're going to see how making money is as easy -- and as fast -- as clicking your fingers.

It really can be that simple with My Affiliate Cash Generator fortune-building blueprint to take you by the hand.

Here, let me give you another sneak peek of the top secret system you're about to uncover...  


A devastating tactic to grow a list of buyers who want to send you their money again and again through this system. It's the closest thing you'll get to printing money online...


Cutting edge traffic generation techniques to smother your My Affiliate Cash Generator site in an endless stream of hungry visitors... 


How to skyrocket yourself to "super affiliate" status in no time flat. (Businesses will BEG you to promote their products using the My Affiliate Cash Generator system.)


How to pimp out your website with completely free tools to turn it into a covert cash-spewer. (This is the stuff everybody else leaves out but it's CRUCIAL to your success.) 


How to piece together a simple website promotion so irresistible to prospects they snap up your offer no matter how jaded or cynical they are...


How to create an automated system that generates cash for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (PLUS – how to set-up multiple income streams for virtually unlimited profits!) 


This single line of code tracks where your money is coming from and MAXIMIZES your profits (… don’t worry it’s all point and click simple, but the rewards are huge!)

...And we're still just scratching the
surface here...

"My Website To The 4th Position In 24 Hours..."

After having spent many thousands of dollars; days, months and years on the net, hoping to find that one program that would set me on the right path to my dream lifestyle, I only found myself going in circles, spending more money (I didn't have) and time (I couldn't spare anymore), and all the while Internet Marketing remained an elusive tease. A Big Black Hole, sucking my life away. I was about to give up before using My Affiliate Cash Generator System.

For sure, it all but appeared to be doomed with this "new economy of disaster", in these uncertain times.

Mark Stanfield changed all this for me in a few short weeks ago.

(Using only the first part of his course I managed to get my website to the fourth position of approximately 500,000 competitor websites, in 24 short hours, on Google.

I think it was 24 hours but it could be less, I only checked 24 hours after I set it up. All of this with the FREE TOOLS Mark taught me.


Mark has, in a period of a few weeks, TRANSFORMED me into the SUCCESS MODE.

Ok so lets give it to you straight, WHETHER YOU BE A NEWBIE OR A SEASONED VETERAN MARKETER, you will learn how to go from the beginning to the highest level of IM expertise, after learning from "Mark Stanfield".

Mark is simply a brilliant, well spoken, generous and a methodical teacher. I've had many teachers (I spent 20 years in University L).

Spent is a good word I suppose. You could spend wisely or foolishly. When it comes to buying The Internet Marketing Dream Lifestyle, I bet you will agree most of us spend foolishly buying Internet Marketing traffic generator software, memberships, ebooks, software and other paraphernalia, hoping to find The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs.

I suggest YOU spend your hard earned cash wisely.

For once learn something solid about Internet Marketing, in a stepwise manner and put it to ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

Mark's traffic generator software is the first and only course you will need to purchase to get 95% of the way to success. Oh Yeah and best of all he teaches you how to use FREE TOOLS.


Thanks kindly Mark. You are a brilliant, kind and generous young man. I am honoured to have met you.

Best Wishes,
Dushan Vaithilingam


"The Results Have Been Incredible ... I Had My First Visitors The Very Next Day..."

Hi Mark,

This is incredible. A few days ago I had just finished building my new membership site that provides Bloggers with their most essential needs.

I was contemplating just what I should do to get the site in front of the Blogging Fraternity when you released your My Affiliate Cash Generator traffic generator software. Here was my solution.

I know that I am repeating myself here but the results have been absolutely incredible.

Even though it is only a few days and I haven't had time to complete all the steps of your course yet, the traffic is starting to roll in.

I had my first visitors the very next day and here it is, not even a week old, and my brand new site is already seeing a steady flow of traffic with members joining up.

Thank you Mark, your traffic generator software is presented in such easy to follow steps and certainly gets the desired results.

Harry Blomfield


"The REAL Solution to the Need For Targeted,
Quality Traffic..."

Hi Mark,

Congratulations! You did it.

Driving traffic to our website has been an ongoing challenge. There are many approaches to solving the traffic mystery but ....

After reviewing your video I could say, "Here is the REAL solution to the need for targeted, quality customer traffic."

My Affiliate Cash Generator is very straight forward and covers all the details. It is easy to implement and delivers great results.

Thank you.

Max Miller


"So Much Valuable Information In A Very Easy
Step-by-Step Format..."

Hi there Mark,

I have just finished the My Affiliate Cash Generator traffic generator software and just had to tell you that I found it just brilliant, so informative and it was just perfect timing for me.

I am a newbie to this Internet Marketing world and in the middle of setting up a blog with Word press for a business I am involved in. I felt a bit lost and needed some guidance on how to optimize the blog and get traffic to it.

Well I must say I was lost until I immersed myself into your traffic generator software and absorbed all the fantastic information.

There was so much valuable information in the course and it was done in a very easy step-by-step format that was easy to follow.

I especially liked how you got into detail regarding writing blogs to optimize for the search engines, when and how to write posts on your blog, how to research the market and spy on the competition.

For me this was just brilliant as a newbie to all of this.

Now I feel so much more confident in setting up the word press blog to get traffic and incorporating the other cool ideas you had to optimize the site real fast.

I have started to add in some of the things you have suggested in the traffic generator software and am now feeling confident I can design a great blog with your help.

Thank you so much for such a great traffic generator software and I think it works brilliantly for newbie people like myself and for people who already have blog since as I am sure there is unique information in this traffic generator software others do not know about.

Kind regards

Jane Manthorpe

"Starting From The Ground Up ... These Are
GREAT Results..."

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated your My Affiliate Cash Generator. I've watched it twice, and taken notes - making myself a check list to work from.

I started trying to apply it to my existing websites, but something happened during the first phase that changed my mind. I stumbled across one of those dream niches! And it's one that I know a lot about.

So I'm starting from the ground up with a whole new idea. I wish I could say I got instant results, No, I take that back - These are great results.

It will take a little time to put it all together because there is nothing out there on this niche. No Competition! How rare is that? And it's a rabid crowd with money.

And I've already found a ton of backend products.

So I think these are great results. I'm on my way...

Gotta go write the product. Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks.


"A Must Have For Newbies ... AND For Veterans..."

I first met Mark in London at an internet seminar when he was studying for his physics degree.

I was impressed with his no-hype approach and enthusiasm for the internet marketing world.

I have seen his progression as a teacher of internet strategies and tactics, and I must say his My Affiliate Cash Generator traffic generator software is a must have for newbies to quickly get up and running on the web; and for veterans as a quick reference and reminder to get instant traffic when needed.

A great traffic generator software for quick free traffic bringing in the cash.

I thoroughly recommend it. Go for it!

Michael John


As a special bonus, not only will you get the video training series, but you will also get the step-by-step PDF workbook that shows you exactly what steps to take and lists ALL of my favorite resources for getting massive traffic in record time.

You'll also receive the MP3 audio recording so you can listen on your iPod or burn to a CD to listen to in your car plus the PDF of the 80 minute powerpoint presenation.

Here's The Deal ...

Right now this course is in 'pre-release' mode and is not available to the general public.

I'm in the process of putting it in the hands of a select few people so that I can gather more case studies and testimonials to use when I launch it to the world.

I fully intend to offer this system for anywhere from $77-$97 monthly when it goes live (which is a steal when you consider gets you front page rankings on Google).

However, through this special 'pre-release' offer, you can get the whole package including the indepth video training, the mp3 audio, the presentation PDF and my special resources document for only $47.00 monthly.

"I Haven't Seen Anything Like This - Anywhere!..."

Mark, this is so clear!

There are so many things to think about when creating a website, and most people don't come close to doing what it needs to succeed.

I am going through this video step by step, and you had me hooked in the first minute.

Step by step, not only what to do but also why, how and in what order. I haven't seen anything like this, anywhere.

I had given up on attempting to maximise the potential of our website myself, and decided to wait until I could pay someone who knew what they were doing to do it properly.

After a few minutes watching this I realised that wouldn't be necessary, so I can only guess how much money, time and energy you have saved me.

I may need to start again, but you've opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Great work Mark, thanks mate!

Rob Daniel

Download Now For Just $77 ...
Special Pre-Release Discount ... Just $47

"The FIRST Product To Deliver EVERYTHING It Promised..."


Many thanks for creating such a well laid out, and simple to follow blueprint for attracting free traffic.

Over the last couple of years, I have purchased everything from $795 per month membership sites, to $27 ebooks (and everything else in-between), to help me to formulate my own internet marketing strategy.

Although everything I have bought has taught me something worthwhile, and none of the products have been bad enough for me to request a refund, I have often felt short-changed, because none of the products actually delivered everything they promised - they often felt as though they were holding some of the good stuff back!

Your My Affiliate Cash Generator product is the first (in my experience) to deliver everything it promised.

It puts the blinkers on, and laser focuses on one objective (i.e. to quickly get free, targeted traffic).

It delivers this objective very quickly (i.e. in just less than 90 minutes of great video content) without the addition of any unecessary fluff.

It's simply a great product that I would recommend to anybody interested in learning an effective 'free traffic getting' strategy - it is worth buying just for the __________ tip alone!


Gary Booth

Download Now For Just $77 ...
Special Pre-Release Discount ... Just $47

"An Easy To Follow Plan For Free Traffic..."

Hey Mark,

I just wanted to personally thank you for creating this fantastic traffic guide.

I have seen products sell for much more while delivering less than half of the information that you have put into this easy to follow plan for driving free traffic.

Being familiar with some of your previous products, I do tend to hold you to a higher standard than a lot of other "Gurus" and I must admit, you have seriously exceeded those expectations.

This is a must have for anyone involved in Internet Marketing who wants to maximize the targeted traffic they receive to their sites.

As with everything you do, you have once again over-delivered.

Very, very well done!


Download Now For Just $77 ...
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Plus, I'm so confident that these systems will work for you that you are completely and fully protected by my 100% money back guarantee...

So the question is:

Are you ready to get a ton of free traffic and front page rankings ... or would you rather keep struggling with what you are doing now?

Let us take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do to succeed.

As Benjamin Disraeli once wisely said, "One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."

I ask again... are you ready?

Risk Free Acceptance Form

Yes Mark -

I understand that for the incredibly low monthly investment of just $77 $47 I will get access to the My Affiliate Cash Generator traffic generator software, with access to the EXACT step by step techniques to generating tons of free traffic and front page rankings in record time! I also understand that this is a special offer, only available for a limited time and may be taken down at any time so I am securing my spot at a huge discount price!

AND, as if all of that weren't enough - you're securing my investment with your full 60 day money back guarantee. You have truly made this amazing opportunity too good to pass up. It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and grabbing my membership to My Affiliate Cash Generator now!

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Special Offer ... Just $47!

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To YOUR Success,

P.S. Don't forget this is a special "pre-release" limited offer. Once we have all the case studies and testimonials we need, this system will be selling for $297 monthly or more. Get your copy now for just $237 $47 monthly.

P.P.S. This just came in from one of our customers ... A brand new site on the front page of Google in only 5 hours!

"Page One On Google in Only 5 Hours...
Page One On 4 More Keywords Within 24 Hours!"

What an amazing product!

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to drive traffic to your website. Mark shows you on video exactly what you should be doing.

There should be no more excuses from anyone that you can't drive traffic.
I made it to page one on google in five hours.

The amazing part was.... it is an absolutely brand new blog and it was from only applying one of his techniques.

I made it to page one on four more competitive keywords within 24 hours. I can't thank Mark enough!

No More Excuses.....Get My Affiliate Cash Generator.

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Pam Jackson

Download Now For Just $77 ...
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And you can use this system for ANY product you like...
How to ethically "Steal" your
competitors traffic...

I mean... there's no way I'm gonna even HINT at some of the stuff inside this course. The knowledge is THAT powerful and I keep it close to my chest.

Only My Affiliate Cash Generator recruits will benefit. Here, listen to xxx who was blown away by the secret system...

Because here's what's wrong with other courses, eBooks, coaching programs and even seminars...

They leave out all the good stuff. They keep it to themselves.

Think about it... would YOU give away all your closely guarded secrets for a few bucks? Nope.

So why am I doing it?


I ALREADY make six figures a month and anybody who follows what I'm already doing isn't going to make a single dent in my income can only make it better.

The opportunity... the playing field... is so wide open right now, it's insane.

And with My Affiliate Cash Generator you only have to follow simple steps or not if you don't want and still get paid.

Just simple steps to 6 figures a month. It doesn't get any better than that.

different modules... each finely tuned to make you more and more money. 

I've exposed the inner workings of my multi-million dollar business for My Affiliate Cash Generator clients to see. And you'll not only see it... but you can copy it for yourself. 

"My Affiliate Cash Generator System Generates $121,000 Per Month... And Now It's Finally Possible For You To Follow Me Step-By-Step And Do The 
Exact Same Thing..."

Think about that... $121K slamming into your account every month like clockwork.

Even if you only did half that amount it's still $60K a month.


How would that change your life?

You could buy anything you wanted. You'd never worry about debts or paying the bills ever again.

And it's what could happen when you sit yourself down, grab a cup of coffee and hit "PLAY" on the My Affiliate Cash System formula.

"But Let Me Be Absolutely Straight
With You..."

Most people will never get anywhere near $121,000 a month. They just won't. Why?

Because they'll fail to master the 2 simple things essential to a six-figure income online.

What are those 2 things?

There's no getting around it. 

Until you figure out how to generate more traffic than y can handle...

And until you work out how to turn that traffic into cold, hard cash...

You're stuck spinning your wheels bringing in a few hundred bucks a month... if anything.

And that's not where you want to be, right?

Let me be clear... you want so much traffic your servers are creaking under the strain... your website is pummeled with visitors hour after hour... and other website owners are BEGGING YOU to promote there site.

Then, when your site is near-drowning in an ocean of traffic, you want to convert it into cash.

You need to make sure almost every visitor that hits your site gives you money. Whether they realize it or not... they're going to pull out their wallets like there's no tomorrow.

Which is why you'll think My Affiliate Cash Generator is heaven-sent.

In this step by step sequence you're going to watch over my shoulder as I put you together webpages that suck in unlimited amounts of visitors... and pour eye-watering amounts of cash into your bank account.

You get everything you need to make money immediately...

And My Affiliate Cash Generator goes deeper and further than any system you've ever seen.

You'll also learn advanced tactics like...  


How to create an intricate, cast-iron sales funnel that squeezes maximum profits from anybody caught in its deadly grasp...


The subtle differences between browsers and buyers and how being able to effortlessly zero in on buyers can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line... 


Sneaky tactics to guarantee your emails get read every single time. (Plus -- how to turn a simple sequence of 5-10 emails into an autopilot money-cranking machine.)


The dark side of persuasion -- uncover simple sentences that tap into buying emotions and turn prospects into rabid buyers 


Ultra-advanced (yet simple to implement) traffic generation techniques that rocket your 'hits' and profits into the stratosphere...

Finally, you'll burst the dam holding you back from success...

... and then take your business to the next level with totally UNCUT secret tactics from a 7-figure marketer.

I guarantee, you'll never look back.

"Ok Mark... This Sounds Incredible But... 
How Much Do I Have To Invest?"

You're gonna be so happy when I tell you.

This is the exact step-by-step, formula I use to bring in $121,000 a month.

That's $4033 every day and increasing.

How much would you pay for someone to come to your house each morning and stuff $4033 into your pocket?

You'd pay a lot wouldn't you?

I know I would. $5,000? $10,000?

Heck, I'd pay a hundred grand for that!

Sure, a hundred grand is a lot of money, but at over four thousand bucks a day, you'd make your money back in less than 50 days...

And the rest is profit.

Thankfully, I'm not going to ask you for anything like a hundred thousand dollars, or ten thousand, or any other crazy numbers like that.

No sir. I'm not even going to ask you for a thousand dollars...

... not even $500...

If you go ahead and move on this now, you get instant access for just $297.  (Wait... I go even lower in just a second!) 

Your site will contain everything you need to make six-figures a year on the internet FAST. 
In fact -- it contains everything you need to make six figures a MONTH... you just duplicate the process again and again.  
When you see this secret system your jaw will drop through the floor and your heart will race.  
But if -- for any reason at all -- you're not left slack-jawed at the money making possibilities...  
If you're not pinned back to your seat with amazement at how EASY it is to rake in money at high-speed...  
That's absolutely fine.  
All you have to do is click a link in your "welcome" email to receive an instant, no hassles refund.  
You don't even need to ask me for your money back, you just have to click a link.  
And you can follow-along with this blueprint for a full 60 days before you even have to think about getting your money back.  
There's absolutely zero risk... just a wealth-building treasure chest to gain...

Ok Mark... I've got nothing to lose. Let's do this!

You see, I believe in this formula strongly and know it works. It's the lifeblood of my 7 figure empire.

It's so powerful and, frankly, millionaire-making, that I can offer that kind of a guarantee.

And I also want to make sure this is the best offer you've ever seen in your life.

So you're not gonna have to pay $297 monthly to get the entire blueprint.

Grab My Affiliate Cash Generator right now and you only pay $297 $47 monthly.

Just $47 monthly in exchange for a $121,000 per month income.

Is that fair?

I mean... what does $47 monthly get you these days? A meal? Maybe...

some DVDs... maybe one video game? 

But those things aren't gonna make you a single penny.

When you snatch up My Affiliate Cash Generator you'll be able to buy as many meals out, as many DVDs and as many video games as you could ever want.

And you'll have the luxury of a gigantic income for life. 

Original Price $297 monthly
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